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Tasting Fee  $10




Grand Cuvee Champagne (pronounced: coo VAY sham PAYN)

Grand Cuvee champagne is a sparkling wine produced employing the Charmat Method from a mixture of several grape varieties exhibiting a crisp & bright refreshing wine. $18

Pinot Grigio Rose’ (pee noh GREE joe roh ZAY) (2016)                                                                                                                                          

This style is most famous from the northern parts of Italyand traverses all along the foothills of the Alps.  It pairs perfectly with our hot summer days and is a quintessential Pinot Grigio Rose’ loved for its simplicity.  This refreshingly acidic wine is light and fresh with fruity notes of apple, pear, red berries, strawberry & watermelon ending with a crisp and clean finish.   $18


Grenache (gre NAWSH), Livermore (2013)        

Grenache is one of many wine varietals grown in the southern Rhône valley of France. It is known for its rich, ripe red fruitiness and can be quite complex, with earthy, floral and herbal overtones.   $22

Seat of the Pants Blend, 3rd Generation      

A whimsical blend created by our very own “Captain” Liske. It is fruit forward with plenty of vanilla and tones imparted by barrel aging. The intriguing part of this blend is that it has qualities of its climate and terroir, creating a wine with plenty of individuality.   $18

Super Tuscan  (TUS ken)        

The term “Super Tuscan” is a term used to describe red wines with Tuscan heritage that may include the use of non-indigenous grapes, such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah supplementing the well recognized Sangiovese grape from the region.  This Medium to full-bodied wine displays leading flavors of plum, boysenberry, and cherries with hints of cassis.  It has lithe acidity and supple crushed gravel tannins, allowing the wine to float across the palate.   $26

Petite Sirah (peh TEET see RAH), Livermore (2013)      

  Petite Sirah earned its name from the small size of the berries. This wine is produced in America with its ancestry known as Durif  ( its international name)  having originated from a cross of Syrah and Peloursin vines.  It has a fruity, hardy, dense character producing a purple colored wine that offer flavors of black pepper, blackberries, spice & licorice.  $28

 Zinfandel (ZIN fun dell), Contra Costa (2013)  

  Zinfandel is planted almost entirely in California. This grape is capable of everything from simple fruity wines to huge, ripe wines of considerable heft and depth. Generally tending towards the fruity end of the spectrum but often have spicy aromas and flavors.  This  vintage has astounding depth and character.  Great pairing for those robust summer BBQ meats!  $28

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Futures Barrel Tasting

2010 Livermore Syrah   $100 1/2 case    $180 Case

2014 San Joaquin Tempranillo    $90 1/2 Case   $160  Case